Monday, October 2, 2006

Episode 015 - Hosted by Ryu Cope of Bad Buddhist Radio

G-Strings - "Haukonzert mit Bierchen"
Kari Tieger (feat. Barbara Zdravesky) - "Rosebud"
Pixel - “Un Ange Passe”
Warren Ellis - no. 2 from Three Pieces for Violin
Noemi Liba - "Kol"
My Invisible - "Implicit - Complicit"
Reptile Palace Orchestra - "Catwoman"

Hello everybody,

Another brand-spanking new show for you - this one full of fire and energy - not a dull moment the whole way thru.

This show features two artists from Australia, one from Germany, one from France, one from everywhere, and two (curiously) from Rhode Island (of all the gin joints in all the world...).

More specifically, this show features the return of The G-Strings, a five-piece string ensemble out of Hamburg that was featured on the very first episode of this program. Also - if you have seen Adrian Belew play live anytime in the past decade, you may have noticed a dude with a violin sneaking on stage from time to time. That guy is the unpronounceable Biff Blumfumgagnge, and his group Reptile Palace Orchestra closes the show off on a fun, off-center note

This show is hosted by Ryu Cope, host of the popular podcast, Bad Buddhist Radio - a unique, un-fluffy look at living one's life as a Buddhist. Fascinating. Entertaining. And above all, incredibly relevant. Check it out!

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


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