Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Episode 017 - Hosted by Chris Boros of

Vio-Fonik - “Blues For Those Who Can't Drive”
The Morgantown Rounders - “Picked Up a Hammer”
Almaplana - “Cor El Mim”
Young Mozart - “The Masterpiece”
Zack Kline - “Fiddler's World”
Zoltán Bakaja - Concertina for Viola and Mixed Choir (2nd movement)
Derek Bermel - Soul Garden

Hello everybody,

This show features one of my new favorite groups, West Virginia's Morgantown Rounders. I just got their new disc and - I tell you what - there's not a bum note on the whole thing. Both my five-year-old daughter and I know all the songs by heart. In fact, I had a little trouble deciding which tune to feature on the show, they're all home runs. I ended up picking my daughter's favorite - she has of late been known to break into a chorus of "picked up a hammer and knocked em in the head."

Tunes come this time from both Portugal (with neo-folk trio Almaplana) and Hungary (with composer/performer Zoltán Bakaja). I was also able to snag hip hop violinist Young Mozart for the show as well - and frankly, I think hip hop violin is one of the coolest things to pop up here lately. Hip hop trumpet or hip hop flute just aren't quite the same. Now when I find a hip hop cellist...

This show is hosted by my former co-worker Chris Boros, an evening personality at 89.7 WKSU in Kent, Ohio - as well as the music director of I will always best remember Chris for his public radio interview with GWAR - a rock band whose mission is to destroy all life on Earth.

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


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