Monday, August 20, 2007

Episode 037 - feat. Freyda and Acoustic AttaTude, Hugh Marsh, Bella Rumore, Rachel Barton Pine

Freyda and Acoustic AttaTude - "AttaTude in A Minor"
Hugh Marsh - "Violinvocation #1"
Bella Rumore - "25 or 6 to 4"
Rachel Barton Pine - Scottish Fantasy, mvt 4, "Finale"

Hi everyone! This show finds me travelling again to Seattle in a farirly constant state of trying to find wireless access. It's getting quite annoying actually.

But that said, here's who's on board for this week:

Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude was a 1993 collaboration between members of the folk/jazz group Trapezoid and guitarist Bob Vasile. Violinist Freyda Epstein was the star of this show. Tragically, Epstein was killed in a killed in a car accident in 2003 by a man fleeing the scene of another crime. This episode is dedicated to her memory and for all she has done for the folk and strings communities.

Hugh Marsh is an artist that I have been trying to get on the show since it first began. He is largely known for his work on Bruce Cockburn's recordings from the 1980's. He is every inch a consummate electric player - exploring many of the possibilities of the amplifod violin. His solo recordings more often feature his prowess as an arranger and bandleader than as a violinist and his overall best playing is found on other people's records - and his playing is unmistakable. This tune is found on his own recording, 2006's Hugmars.

Bella Rumore is a regular act on the Las Vegas circuit - an all-female string group that performs arrangements of classic rock tunes and greatest hits from the classical and baroque periods. They will be releasing a full-length album of material late this year. This tune is the classic Chicago standard "25 or 6 to 4."

Rounding up this show is Rachel Barton Pine. Her recent release Scottish Fantasies explores traditional Scottish fiddle tunes that find their way into composed classical pieces. Probably the most famous of these pieces is Max Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, the fourth movement of which is presented here. For this recording, Rachel worked with a traditional fiddler to bring out the the original tune out of these pieces - making this a unique recording.
More music coming next week!

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