Monday, March 6, 2006

Episode 007 - Hosted by composer Mike Hovancsek

Fern Knight - "Egg Theme and Variations"
Fiidla & the Chocolat' Wireworks - "Jam Jam"
Stuart Wyatt - "Twopiece (part two)"
Ellen Fullman - "I Ain't Got No Home"
Bright Red Paper - "D Is For Dead Sea"
Patrick Neher - "Improv d'Amour"
Von Cello - "The Other One"

Hello everybody!

I am pleased to present a bunch of changes to the program. Probably the biggest change (though not so noticable just yet) is that I am about to double the number of episodes. These should be coming out about once every other week or so.

I am also in the process of giving the website a face-lift. Look for that to be 100% complete sometime soon.

This episode has a decidedly melancholy feel to it. Nearly all the tunes are in a minor key, for example. So for those in the Northern Hemiphere, this will be the perfect soundtrack to these late winter afternoons we're all experiencing. I can't really invoke a theme for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere - farthest south I've been is Singapore.

Frequent listeners to the program will notice my affinity for "bootleg" quality recordings of amazing performances (note the Rob Thomas track from episode 005). Such is the case again with Stuart Wyatt's "Twopiece" - recorded under the Louis XIV bridge in Paris. Not even the noise and hiss of the surroundings can mask the intensity of how this performance must have sounded live.

Also of note in this episode is Ellen Fullman - playing an instrument of her own creation - the Long String Instrument. I have included this piece even though Fullman is technically not playing a bowed instrument. The sound of the instrument though is made with sustained friction on the strings which creates a sound not unlike a bowed string. To my ears, her track sounds uncommonly trippy.

Despite my best efforts to secure Sean Connery as the host of this Episode 007, I am pleased to present artsist and composer Mike Hovancsek as the host of this program - hosted apparently from the dark recesses of his underground laboratory.



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