Sunday, March 19, 2006

Episode 008 - Hosted by Glen and Bridgitte of The ZA Show

Tim Linhart - "Le Cygne" from Carnivale des Animaux
Kristen Miller - "Ring of Fire"
Máiréad Nesbitt - "The Butterfly"
Daniel Pezzotti - Return of the Jupiter
Jorge Saade-Scaff & Boris Cepeda - Suite Ecuatoriana
Martha Colby - "Born Again"
DBR - "Cotillion 1"
Arrows - "Daughter of Job"

Hey folks,


See?! I told you! Every other week. I ain't lyin'!

I had a lot of fun putting this episode together. Opening up the show is "The Swan" from Saint-Saens' famous Carnival of Animals - the first time a tune written by a dead guy has been featured on the program. What makes the performance unique is that the instruments in this performance are made of ice - courtesy of Tim Linhart's Ice Orchestra

Two female cellist singer-songwriters in this episode (and one to come in the next episode) - Kristen Miller and Martha Colby. From their incredible recordings, I was able to pull two pieces that prominantly feature bowed cello (what is it with female cellist singer-songwriters and this obsession with pizzicato?!!). Also featured on this episode is Ecuadoran virtuoso Jorge Saade-Scaff. I have been trying to get a track out of this guy since December. There is a long trail of emails between us trying to negotiate a piece of music for this program. Luckily his English is better than my Spanish, else we wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

Hosting this show are Glen and Bridgitte of the popular podcast The ZA Show - a truly fascinating program about life, politics, news, and culture in South Africa. They also feature some great podsafe music - and promise to someday have some Afrikaans music on the show as well. A very entertaining listen.

Episode 009 will be coming in another two weeks and promises to be another great collection of work. More updates and surprises to come. Stay tuned!


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