Thursday, April 6, 2006

Episode 009 - Hosted by Acoustic Ross

Virus String Quartet - Batianas
String Theory - "Chaos Nebula"
L. Subramaniam & Jiebing Chen - "Blue Lotus"
Ljova - "Bagel on the Malecon"
Lindsay Mac - "Lucy"
Stephen Katz - "Eight Days of Eve"
The Plug - "Come Back Strong"

Hey folks,

You may or may not be aware that in order to do a non-"podsafe" music program like this, you need to get permission from each and every artist you use on your program. That is the primary reason that these shows only come out on a bi-weekly basis. There is even a "podcast release form" that is becoming standardized among music podcasters (you can view mine here).

Such was my dilemma when I received a f$%&inamazing track from erhu master Jiebing Chen called "Blue Lotus." This piece prominantly features Chen's playing, but was released on an album by Indian violin master L. Subramaniam. I sent repeated emails to Dr. Subramaniam and got no response. In desparation (because so help me, I was going to have this piece on my show or -- metaphorically speaking here -- die trying), I tracked down his home telephone number in Bangalore, India and gave him a call (12am EST) to ask for permission to use this piece. Which he gave without a second thought - if not a little confusion as to why I was calling all the way from the States.

Such is my devotion to you (you ungrateful wretches!). :-)

Also featured on this program is an intriguing group from Barcelona called the Virus String Quartet. People will talk at length about how the first time they heard some theoretical group x, they wanted to actually be in that band ("group x" being perhaps The Pixies, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, or what have you). The VSQ is such a group for me. Lots of clips on their website. Check `em out.

Hosting this episode is my longtime friend "Acoustic Ross" Greenawalt - singer and guitarist of the Tulsa-area band Math Lab.

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