Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episode 012 - Hosted by cellist Corbin Keep

Cellorhythmics - "Essex Road"
Amledd - "Can Mabon"
Nick Ogawa - "If It Feels Good"
Sophie Serafino - "Liquid Crystal"
phearnone - "War's Favorite Things"
Turtle Island String Quartet - "Model Trane"
Tricks Upon Travelers - "Knocker Boys"
Ritsu Katsumata - Duckworth 6



This is by far the longest episode I have assembled since the very first one - clocking in at nearly 60 minutes. Lots of fun stuff here - notably the Cellorhythmics track and the absolutely infectious "If It Feels Good" by Nick Ogawa (that one will stick your head for days and days). Also worthy of note is the show's first political piece, phearnone's "War's Favorite Things."

This show is also home to a Bowed Radio Exclusive... The world-renown Turtle Island String Quartet appears on this episode with a new track that is unavailable on any recording - an homage to John Coltrane entitled "Model Trane."

What with my "straight job" situation coming to a resolution here - not to mention the new resources available as a member of the MySpace community, these episodes will return to their previous frequency here shortly. Many surprises yet to come.\

Hosting this episode is Corbin Keep the Wild Cellist of Bowen Island, British Columbia. Corbin was a guest on Episode 004 of this program.

Enjoy the music!


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