Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Episode 013 - Hosted by Dawn Miceli of the Dawn and Drew Show

Mundi - "Saltarello"
Zydepunks - "Satan, Dance You Fukr"
DeJesus - "Change"
Daryn Yuill & Dan Cullen - "5 am"
Da Phatfunk Clique - "Word Funk"
Sadie Compton - "Screamer"
Judgement Day - "Seventh Circle"
Glenn Weyant - "Clear Light"


It's been a bit delayed, but I am on a roll at this point, so look for more music more often.

This show gives us a taste of the southern United States, more than in previous programs, featuring artists from Louisiana, Arizona, Texas, and Kentucky (playing a song about Alabama). Another fine collection.

Probably the weirdest thing that's been on this show in a while is Glenn Weyant, whose work explores the sounds of bowed metals - specifically the metal wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. I am also very pleased to present the Zydepunks on the show - their music is a lot of fun and represents the first artist that makes this show Rated R (for language). Also notable is heavy metal string trio Judgment Day - god i would love to see these gguys live! (y'ever make it out east?!)

Hosting this episode is Dawn Miceli of the infamous Dawn and Drew Show. It is a great plaesure to have her on the show, so make her feel welcome (even if she does have difficulty saying the word "Klezmer")

Enjoy the music!

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