Friday, March 23, 2007

Episode 020 - Hosted by Darrell "D-Funk" Looney

Donovan Stokes - Death of Cúchulainn
Jerald Daemyon - "Summer Madness"
Tin Hat - "Blind Paper Dragon"
David Strother - "No Messages in this Folder"
Terra Incognita - "Poema de la Solea"
Beard - "Rehearsing For My Gorgeous Life Abroad"
Boulder Acoustic Society - "Does It Really Matter?"

I have been playing double bass since I was nine years old. Coincidentally, I was also the shortest kid in school - which prompted my school orchestra to order their first ¼ size bass. But it was around age 18 or 19 that I became simply obsessed with the sound of a bow on a string. I started playing arco almost exclusively in every band I played in - which was always something of a novelty. Arco bass is not the typical m.o. for an upright player, which means that for a show like this, the number of tracks featured by bass players are few and far between; including my own submission, there have been a total of five arco bass players in a total of twenty episodes. So opening this show is Donovan Stokes - a bass player out of Valdosta, GA. I'll say no more.

I am excited to present the first group featured on this show out of Siberia. Terra Incognita is a group from Barnaul just north of the border with China and Kazakhstan. They present a thrilling and dramatic tune from their newly released debut.

I am also happy to feature a tune from the new Tin Hat disc - their violinist Carla Kihlstedt is one of my favorite players. Tin Hat is a reworked version of Tin Hat Trio - in the past year or so they have lost a member and gained between two and three. They are one of only a handful of groups out there where you can truly say that they have invented their own genre.

Hosting the show is Darrell "D-Funk" Looney - violinist with Da Phatfunk Clique. Darrell has taken the violin to new levels - exploring jazz, funk, reggae and other styles to great effect. He makes it look easy. His group made an appearance on episode 16 of this program and I consider it a privilege to have him here again as host.

I would also like to make mention of a new "" feed for the show: This will be a great outlet for featured artists on the show as well as other cool sites relating to bowed strings.

More great music to come... Stay tuned!


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