Monday, April 23, 2007

Episode 021 - Hosted by violinist Billie Howard

Rhys Marsh - "Spoken"
Black Violin - "Brandenburg BV Remix"
Sundqvist - "Threat"
Megan B. Lynch - "Done Gone"
2 Guitar Viols - "Star Sailor"
David Wilson - "Vivianita"
Vio7 - "SickDance"
Scorzo, Greenfield, & Rento - "Mothballs"

This show is in many ways the show I have been trying to put together since day one. Every tune has a gorgeous string sound front and center, and a majority of the tunes here are unreleased tracks. Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with all of the shows I have put out, but this one is the closest to my original intent. Enjoy!

Hosting this show is violinist Billie Howard of the band Beard - a wonderful indie trio based out Chicago that was featured on the last episode.


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