Monday, April 30, 2007

Episode 022 - featuring Mark Feldman, The Evil Twin, Cyndee Lee Rule, Virus String Quartet

Mark Feldman - "Father Demo Square"
The Evil Twin - "Get It"
Cyndee Lee Rule - "Telekinetigram"
Virus String Quartet - "Azulerias"

This is the first episode in a new format, short episodes released on a consistant (weekly, that is) basis. For this breakout format, we have four HOT acts. My prediction: you'll be listening to this one over and over.

Mark Feldman is one of my favorite players out there. He has recently released a disc called No Exit - his first disc of jazz performances where he is the bandleader. Jazz aficianados often complain of violin jazz that it suffers from baroque excesses. Feldman's disc is a refreshing departure in this regard for its sense of restraint, having a profound sense of space and an artistry of tone. Violin jazz for people that love jazz.

The Evil Twin shows in many ways the opposite of restraint; choosing instead to kick your ass with an aggressive sound and killer grooves. Fung Chern Hwei on violin and Jeremy Harman on cello.

Out of Philadelphia comes prog rocker Cyndee Lee Rule. Her work brings the feel and complexity of space rock into the 21st century. Wild, loud, intelligent, fun. And dare I say, futuristic.

And closing out the show is the Virus String Quartet - an electric string group out of Barcelona (and one of my favorite string groups). They combine jazz, flamenco, and swagger to create a truly original sound. And if ever they need a bass player, I'd love to get the job.

I would welcome your comments on this -- does this work better? Let me know.

Enjoy the music!!


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