Monday, July 9, 2007

Compilation Episode 1 - feat. Nick Ogawa, Morgantown Rounders, Luminescent Orchestrii, L. Subramaniam (feat. Jiebing Chen)

Nick Ogawa - "If it Feels Good"
Morgantown Rounders - "Policeman"
Luminescent Orchestrii - "The Stranger"
L. Subramaniam (feat. Jiebing Chen) - "Blue Lotus"


This show is being released as I am waiting at the airport to fly back to Cleveland from Seattle where I have been for the past few days at my sister's wedding. So in order to keep my promise of one show a week while not drowning in this whole "trip" thing, I have decided to compile a show featuring some of my favorite pieces from the last two years.

Nick Ogawa was featured on episode 012 ("The Corbin Keep episode" ) with this tune that I still haven't been able to get out of my head to this day.

The Morgantown Rounders were featured on episode 017 ("The Chris Boros episode") . These guys are a favorite of mine and my daughter's - we listen to their disc in the car all the time. This tune wasn't the featured tune on that show, but I sneaked part of this song in as the exit music.

The Luminiscent Orchestrii appeared on episode 001 ("The Lex Coffman episode") . I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened for these guys when they played in Cleveland back in 2004 -- long before this show was ever thought of. A great band to see live.

And finally, L. Subramaniam - the premier Indian violinist in the world - was featured on episode 009 ("The Acoustic Ross episode"). Entrancing, exquisite, exotic.

... and just for the record -- this past Sunday - 8 Jul - was my birthday. And I didn't receive a card or anything from ANY of you, you miserable wretches! We'll just see if I remember YOUR birthday or not!

More great music next week!

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