Monday, July 30, 2007

Episode 034 - feat. Daniel and Amy Carwile, Helen Sherrah Davies, Erik Friedlander, Michael Drewes

Daniel and Amy Carwile - "Chief Sitting Bull"
Helen Sherrah-Davies - "Demon Eyes"
Erik Friedlander - "Airstream Envy"
Michael Drewes - "Finale" from String Quartet No.1

Hello everybody! Here's what's on board for this week:

Daniel and Amy Carwile are an old-time fiddle duo out of Lexington, Kentucky. Their latest disc Col Arco is rich with fine fiddle playing from start to finish. This tune is a traditional Texas old-time tune arranged for two fiddles. Hot little number.

Helen Sherrah-Davies is a violinist and is a professor of music at the elite Berklee Conservatory of Music. She also has a fascinating condition known as synaesthesia -- a condition which causes the person's sensory experiences to... overlap? blend? merge? The synaesthete often reports visual images in response to auditory stimulation. This is a programmatic composition which Helen describes thus: "The sax breathes his breath of fire at the start, and the swirling triplets are his red piercing eyes, he has a limp, but he also wants to dance... "

Erik Frielander, in many ways the most well-known creative cellist in the U.S., appears on this episode with a world-premiere from his forthcoming disc Block Ice & Propane. He collaborates with rock musicians and some of the most accomplished classical composers in the world today. His work includes classcal, jazz, rock, avant garde work. The guy's incredible.

Michael Drewes was a closet composer for many years with many of his works going unperformed for decades. He recently came across some composition software and brought many of his old compositions to life for the first time. This piece was composed in 1964 and was recorded at a 24 Jan 2006 performance of many of his works at the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami.

Thanks for listening - take care!

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