Monday, September 10, 2007

Episode 040 - feat. Zikrayat, Archybak, This Is Where The Fish Lives, Jayu

Zikrayat - "Rasqat Karkaday"
Archybak - "Dança de Cordas"
This Is Where the Fish Lives - "The American Cousin"
Jayu - "Joy Everlasting"

Hello everyone,

This episode comes to you from the Lucky Inn, a fried chicken and spirits establishment on the eastern end of Center Of The World, Ohio, located just five miles east of Warren. Stop by my photo gallery Pictures From the Center Of The World.

The show starts off with an energetic performance by the Arabic music and dance ensemble Zikrayat, led by violinist Sami Abu Shumays. This NYC-based group creates elaborate performances with pieces based on traditional Egyptian forms. Exhilrating and thrilling. This piece is an homage to the Egyptian film music tradition of the 1950s.

Archybak is a strings and percussion trio based out of Portugal. Using violin, cello, percussion, and foot-controlled digital samples, this group creates a unique kind of "acoustic house music." This group appeared under in a more traditional incarnation on episode 017 of this program under the name Almaplana

This Is Where the Fish Lives is Ruadhan J McElroy (aka Rowan Alpha Zeta)'s experimental music project based on collaborations with and ideas from friends. "The American Cousin" was originally a track by the avant-garde punk music project known as Lemon Kittens, which he recorded with flautist X for Lemon Kittens co-founder Karl Blake's 50th birthday in November of 2006. The original version was for piano and alto sax and this cover was learned by ear and recorded in a single take into a single microphone over the course of just under ten minutes.

...and closing up the show is the strings-and-piano jazz trio
Jayu. Led by cellist Choi Fairbanks, this group creates a broad jazz texture while dipping their toes into various forms over the course of their compositions - from swing to bebop to even gospel.

Thanks for listening!

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