Monday, September 17, 2007

Episode 041 - feat. Sibiel, Anna Stafford, Colin Greenlaw, Parham Nassehpoor

Sibiel - "Cirque Sibiel"
Anna Stafford - "Today's Saturday"
Colin Greenlaw - "Pistachio Ranger"
Parham Nassehpoor - improvisation in Dastgah Bayat Esfahan


Hello everyone,

Sibiel is a Paris-based trio featuring the cello of Jean-Philippe Feiss. They are a wonderful mixture of early jazz ala Django Reinhardt and Eastern European gypsy music. The group takes its name from a Romnanian town where they claim "the adventure began." These guys are wonderful.

Anna Stafford is a violinist out of Pasadena. Unlike many rock violinists, she does not simply solo over a bass-and-drums rhythm section - these rhythm duties are handled by cellist John Krovoza. Aggressive, melodic, and full of that arco scratch I love so well. We'll be hearing much more from her in the future, I'm certain.

Colin Greenlaw is a jazz violinist currently based in Boston. I had a difficult time picking which tune of his to use - his stylings are so disparate, it's harder with him than most to capture "what he does" in just one tune. This piece "Pistachio Ranger" has an exotic feel that I enjoy very much, though other tunes incorporate distortion and electronica. A demo of his work will be made available very soon.

And finishing off the show is Parham Nassehpoor, an Iranian national currently living in Germany. Parham is a performer on the Kamanche, a traditional fiddle out of the Persian tradition. I actually ran across Parham in the Yahoo Fiddle-Crazy forum. You can read about this instrument and see videos from some of the Kamanche masters of the early 20th century at this URL: A fascinating tradition.

Thanks for listening!

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