Monday, December 31, 2007

Episode 052 - feat. Christian Howes, Martha Colby, David Strother, A Fashionable Disease

Christian Howes - "Song For My Daughter"
Martha Colby - "The Christmas Song"
David Strother - "A Love Enduring"
A Fashionable Disease - "Sex With Dead Soldiers"

Hello everyone,

I am officially open for business.

Anyone doing anything at all creatively with strings is aware of Christian Howes. His strings camp in Columbus is known the world over and is attended by many of the biggest names in string music. His latest disc Song For My Daughter is available from his website. This cut is the title track to that disc.

Martha Colby was one of the first artists on this show. She returns here with a version of "The Christmas Song" as if performed by Jimi Hendrix. On the cello.

David Strother made his first appearanace on this program on episode 20. This cut is a demo version of one of the tunes from his latest disc The Desert Is Singing.

and finishing off the show is A Fashionable Disease, featuring a violin apparition name o' Danny. Their aggressive off-center sound will rip you a proverbial new one.

This show comes to you from a cute little spot on Camano Island in Washington state called simply The Camano. If you ever make it out there, tell them Mark from Bowed Radio says hello.

Thanks for listening everyone -- it's great to be back!

Mark Allender, producer-host
phone: 330-781-4387
skype: mark.allender

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