Monday, January 7, 2008

Episode 053 - feat. Miss Von Trapp, Sebastien Savard, Mark Bergman, Linda Clark

Miss Von Trapp - "Of Vampire Strings"
Sebastien Savard - "Groove My Day"
Mark Bergman - "Dance of the Americas"
Linda Clark - "Tessa Jayne"

Hosted while watching the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

Hello everyone, I came back again...

I did all the tech work for this show while watching the Iowa Caucuses on C-SPAN - and my favorite horse came in first: Barack Obama. I hope you'll forgive me a little political glee.

Lizzie Fugeman (aka Miss Von Trapp) makes her second appearance on this program. Her sultry vampiric sound blends very well with the lush tone of a cello. This tune is from her latest collection entitled Morbid Ditties.

Sebastien Savard is a violinist with Quidam - a touring group with Cirque du Soleil. Though he is primarily a violinist, he is a multi-instrumentalist who puts together large arrangements that serve to feature the violin in a loose yet driving environment. His mission is to prove that the violin can groove. A popular YouTube video called "Violin Can Rock" showing Sebastien playing the violin behind his back.

Mark Bergman is a double bassist and composer and is a professor of music at George Mason University. This piece is one of his recent compositions - performed by the Mato Grosso Chamber Orchestra in Cuiaba, Brazil. It's a lot of fun.

Linda Clark is a violinist based in Salt Lake City - her playing was heard on Kevin Mathie's piece in Episode 047. This her own composition - named after her new granddaughter Tessa Jayne.

Thanks again everyone. You're the best!

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