Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 055 - feat. Lissa Schneckenburger, Terra Incognita, Pete Hawkes, Invincible Czars

Lissa Schneckenburger - "The River"
Terra Incognita - "Land of No Return"
Peter Hawkes - "The Moscow Gypsy"
Invincible Czars - "Trepak"

Hello everyone,

This show starts off with fiddler Lissa Schenckenburger, one of the premier up-and-coming young fiddle virtuosi on the string music scene. Taking elements of numerous folk traditions, she crafts a unique sound that shows off her individual taste and command of the instrument. This tune is from her 2005 eponymous disc. And for the record, that's LISSA, not LISA. Like "Melissa" without the "Me."

Making a triuphant return to the show is Siberian violin rock band Terra Incognita. Their aggressive , oppressive, and vaguely gothic sound - mixed with their sexy live presentation make for a exotic combination and an exciting listen. ... and their music will knock you senseless as well.

Australian Guitarist Pete Hawkes makes another appearance on this show, this time with a cut from his latest EP, Melancholy Cello. And that title goes a long way in describing the sound on this disc -- lilting, sensitive, and sad. With his arrangements, Hawkes is able to pull an emotion out of a hat and make it sing.

And running in the caboose of this program is Austin's Invincible Czars. This high energy, post punk, vaguely klezmer, vaguely ska collection of dramatic musicians performs a cache of original work, in addition to high-energy off-center versions of The Nutcracker and other works by Russian composers. This is the well-known Russian Dance from The Nutcracker.

I am still looking for sponsors to help support this program - if your local music school or instrument shop is interested in supporting the show, please send along a copy of the rate sheet. Support is negotiable!

Thanks again everyone. You're the best!

Support for this episode of Bowed Radio is provided by The Creative Strings Workshop, an intense educational experience for string players. The 2008 Workshop is happening June 30th thru July 6th. Learn more and register at

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