Monday, February 18, 2008

Episode 057 - feat. Anna Stafford, Emily Price, The Upton Trio, Chapa

Anna Stafford - "Many Thoughts"
Emily Price - "Supper Time"
The Upton Trio - Eicha
Chapa - "A Look to the West"

Hello everyone,

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Starting things off is violinist Anna Stafford, a rock violinist from southern California. She has the unique ability to create an aggressive rock sound using only strings. Those who have been catching the String Quartet Tribute series on Vitamin Records may also recognize her name - she spearheaded the String Quartet Tribute To INXS among many others.

Emily Price is a cellist out of New York who builds her sound with mutli-tracking and looping while experimenting with timbre and tone color to create something new and off-beat. A lot of fun. And you gotta love that scratchy old turntable sound!

The Upton Trio is a modern classical chamber ensemble based out South Carolina featuring Mary Lee Taylor on violin, and Billy Shepherd on piano. The Uptons have a new cellist named Dusan Vukajlovic, but this piece, from a performance in 2000, features cellist Jacqueline Taylor. This piece was composed by Miera Warshauer.

Chapa is a group led by guitarist Russ Chapa and drummer Deacon who create a rich stew of music incorporating traditions from around the world and a dense mixture of melodies. Dizzying in its arrangement yet majestic in its groove - these guys are unlike anyone you've heard before.

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So long kids!

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