Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode 058 - feat. Merietta Oviatt, Yeah Yeah Yemen, Ben Mason, George Sarah

Merietta Oviatt - "His Eye is on the Sparrow"
The Yeah Yeah Yemen - "Al Musafrin"
Ben Mason - "Lemming Song Black"
George Sarah - "Afterglow"

Hello everyone,

Merietta Oviatt is a violist based in Las Vegas, who brings her unique string arrangements of old-time gospel tunes. These arrangements are for multi-tracked viola - a boon or all you violists who are feeling underrepresented on this show!

The Yeah Yeah Yemen are a group based in London comprised of Yemeni and German musicians, self described as a "travelling circus," incorporating Arabic and European sounds into a musical creole of sorts. In late 2007, the group was playing in areas all across Yemen, collaborating with local high-profile musicians and composing one song for each area they visited. This piece is taken from a live on-air performance on Yemeni radio.

Ben Mason is a violinist and digital artist from North Carolina whose recordings are improvised live with electric violin and computer. His work is programmatic like many film soundtracks, though more engaged. Several of his works are available for free download from his website.

And finally, George Sarah is an electronic artist who performs his work on synthesizers and drum machies accompanied by live strings. His work has been featured on numerous television shows and films.

So long kids!

Support for this episode of Bowed Radio is provided by The Creative Strings Workshop, an intense educational experience for string players. The 2008 Workshop is happening June 30th thru July 6th. Learn more and register at

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