Monday, March 17, 2008

Episode 061 - feat. Nicka, Jean-Phellipe Feiss, Soweto String Quartet, Craig Halliday

Nicka - "The Fall of Greygorn"
Jean-Phillipe Feiss - "Berceuse pour Valentin"
Soweto String Quartet - "Vyfster"
Craig Halliday - "String Fever"

Hello everyone,

Nicka is a French Canadian electric violinist from Montreal. Her sound is bold and aggressive, utilizing 19th-century idioms in a comtemporary rock format. Her violin was crafted by her musical co-conspiritor, Montreal-based musician and instrument-maker Chris Cuber. Check out the pictures!

Cellist Jean-Phillipe Feiss appeared earlier on this program as a member of the Parisian string ensemble Sibiel (Episode 041). He returns here as a solo artist with a track from his forthcoming CD. His work tends to the avant garde, incorporating extended playing techniques as part of his total sound.

The Soweto String Quartet, as you might expect, is a string quartet from South Africa's well-known Soweto township. Their latest outing is quite an iconoclastic collection - entitled Soweto String Quartet Speel Afrikaanse Treffels - translated as "The SSQ Plays Afrikaans Music" (The Afrikaans being of course the ethnic Dutch of South Africa). Most interesting to me was that one of the ways the SSQ chose to celebrate Afrikaans culture was with a string quartet cover of a popular TV show theme song from the 1980's. A quick Google search of Vyfster brings hit after hit of people nostalgic for when that show was on TV -- and how hearing the theme song brings it all back. Here's a YouTube clip.

... and closing things off is violinist Craig Halliday. A veteran of Riverdance and Andrew Lloyd Weber's orchestra, Halliday puts on a flamboyant show on his Swarovski-crystal violin.

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