Monday, March 31, 2008

Episode 062 - feat. skyhook, Euterpe Archpelago, Sam Phillips, Vanessa Rossetto

skyhook - "Wedding at the Mill/The Trippers"
Euterpe Archipelago - "Honte"
Sam Phillips - "Wasting My Time"
Vanessa Rossetto - "Snow Snow Snow Smothering the Mountain"

Hello everyone,

skyhook is a collaboration of two fiddlers and a guitarist from Sheffield, England. They play traditional tunes and songs from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton Island, plus some original tunes as well. The piece included here features fiddler Cath James' original piece "Wedding At the Mill."

Euterpe Archiplago is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Clay Corrello - a sound artist out of Muskegon, Michigan. This project fuses electronica with the warmth of acoustic instruments and the recitation of classics of world literature. Modern, highbrow, vaguely Bohemian. A very interesting mix to say the least!

Sam Phillips is a popular singer/songwriter - perhaps known most for the songs she has contributed to the WB Network sitcom Gilmore Girls . In my opinion, she should be equally as well-known for her recurring use of strings in her popular work (her album Cruel Inventions features a string quartet on nearly every track). Her new album Don't Do Anything will be coming out in June featuring Eric Gorfain of The Section Quartet. This is from her 2000 disc, Fan Dance.

Closing things out is experimental violinist Vanessa Rossetto from Austin, Texas. A prolific artist, she has already released three recordings since the start of 2008. With styles that range from free-improv to multi-layered sound sculpture, she will be someone to watch in coming years. This piece is from her 2008 disc Whoreson in the Wilderness.

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