Monday, July 7, 2008

Episode 071 - feat. Mary Lou Newmark, Beard, Joan Jeanrenaud, Shiki Group

Mary Lou Newmark - "These are the Street Angels"
Beard - "Beautiful Interiors and How to Achieve Them"
Joan Jeanrenaud - "Axis"
Shiki Group - "Ostinato"

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Hello everyone,

Mary Lou Newmark is a poet and violinist from California. She recently debuted a full-scale theatrical production on the subject of homelessness called Street Angel Diaries. A companion CD was released in 2007 called Music From Street Angel Diaries -- and this is the lead track from that disc.

Beard returns for a second appearance on this program, having been featured on episode 020 and with violinist Bille Howard as the host of episode 021. They have a new EP out called Beautiful Interiors and this is the title track from that disc.

Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud is back as well. She is perhaps best known for her work as the longtime cellist with Kronos Quartet. She left Kronos in 1999 to venture into improvisation and composition, and in 2008 has released her second disc of original work entitled Strange Toys.

Closing the show is Shiki Group, an improvisational trio from Boston featuring Tsuyoshi Honjo on sax, Michael McNeill on piano, and Gabriel Solomon on violin. Strange and wonderful.

Thanks! ...and a special hello to everyone out at the Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus! Wish I could join you!

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