Monday, June 30, 2008

Episode 070 - feat. Nation Beat, Kersten Stevens, Colin Greenlaw, Keeril Makan

Nation Beat - "A Onde Tem Cerveja Tem Mulher"
Kersten Stevens - "Night In Tunisia"
Colin Greenlaw - "Awakening of the Tyranosaurus"
Keeril Makan - "Washed By Fire"

Hello everyone,

Nation Beat is a Brazilian-influenced group based out of New York. This is from their new disc, Legends of the Preacher. Fiddler for this group is Skye Steele. who has been on this show before with his quintet. These guys are HOT.

Kersten Stevens returns for a second appearance on this program, this time with a new take on Dizzy Gillespie's "Night in Tunesia." In addition to her solo performing and recording career, she moonlights as the violinist in Sage, a sassy, funky all African American female jazz sextet in New York.

Colin Greenlaw is back as well, this time with an aggressive piece of electronica. Colin is also recording a CD with my band Second Concession back in his native Canada - a blues/rock mixture of sorts, once again highlighting Colin's versatility and ingenuity as an artist.

Closing the show is composer Keeril Makan, a new up-and coming composer. This cut is from his debut recording called In Sound. This piece is performed by the famed Kronos Quartet

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Thanks everyone!

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