Monday, June 2, 2008

Episode 067 - feat. John Pascuzzi, Mats Edén, Skye Steele Quintet, Hyram Posey

John Pascuzzi - "Believe"
Mats Edén - "Huldrehalling"
Skye Steele Quintet - "Years Later"
Hyram Posey - "Milk Cow Blues"

John Pascuzzi first appeared on this program on Episode 030. For the purposes of this program, he performs his driving brand of moody instrumental rock music on the igil - a two-stringed Tuvan fiddle. This, in his own words, is "a little song dedicated to the hard work of the Ukuleles for Peace Project." A video for featuring this tune is available here:

Mats Edén is a composer and violinist from Sweden. Our original arrangement was for me to feature one of his major compositions in the last episode. A wondrous, sprawling 20-minute piece, the use of it was vetoed by Swedish radio. I am therefore going to feature his arrangement of a traditional piece instead, with Mats performing on the viola d'amore. Strings are tuned to D, A, D, F-sharp, and E.

The Skye Steele Quintet returns with another tune from their fantastic Late Bloomer CD. Skye is also a member of the group Nation Beat - and I hope to get one of their tunes on the show here soon...

Hyram Posey is an electric violinist from El Paso, Texas. Hyram delves into all manner of genres, from progressive rock to country-western. This tune is from his Cajun-influenced disc High Octane.

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