Monday, May 26, 2008

Episode 066 - feat. Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers, Gisèle Scales, NeoCollage

Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers - "Resisting the Beast"
Gisèle Scales - "Can U Love 1 An Other"
NeoCollage - "Rhapsody"

Hello everyone,

Zach Brock is here with. his second appearance on this show. This is a cut from his most recent disc Live From the Jazz Factory - a rewarding listen from start to finish

Gisele Scales is an electric player from Sydney, Australia combining dub and beats to her soulful voice -- with much of her work sung in many different languages. This cut is from her most recent release, 2 Think

Neo Collage closes out the show, an academic ensemble from Rochester, New York. They bring the concept of string ensemble to a new level with their use of pop hooks and electronics.

Thanks everyone!

Mark Allender, producer-host
phone: 330-781-4387
skype: mark.allender

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