Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 064 - feat. Jaime Basulto, The Fiddler Crab Band, Stefano Pastor, Kate Russo

Jaime Basulto - "Miel de caña"
The Fiddler Crab Band - "Reel Rag Time"
Stefano Pastor - Abingdon
Kate Russo - "All the Same"

Hello everyone,

Jaime Basulto is a composer and guitarist from Barcelona. His music blends traditional flamenco stylings with an inellignt avant garde sensibility - taking the music to fascinating places. This piece is performed by his own ensemble El Paño Moruno and is from his most recent recording entitlted Garam Masala.

The Fiddler Crab Band is a southern rock outfit based out of Roanoke, Virginia led by fiddler Boyd Clement. These guys have a show-topping stage presence and boilier full of energy. Get up and dance!

Stefano Pastor is a composer and violinist from Genoa, Italy and was featured on Episode 033 of this program with one of his contemporary classical compositions. He is featured here with one of his jazz compositions. Incredible work here.

Closing out the show is Kate Russo, an electric rock violinist from Nashville, Tennessee. With a voice like Joan Jett and a violin like Eddie Van Halen's guitar, she can really wail.

Thanks everyone! You're the best!

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