Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode 065 - feat. Paul Mercer, John Ettinger, Bennetzen Kirkegaard & Blais, Rattle the Boards

Paul Mercer - "Music Box"
John Ettinger - "Kissinger In Space"
Bennetzen, Kirkegaard, & Blais - "Impressions"
Rattle the Boards - "Whistling Rufus"

Hello everyone,

Paul Mercer made his first appearance on this program on Episode 039. This violin anthropologist of sorts, in his recent project Ghosts, builds recorded pieces based on the sound, tone, and history of specific instruments.

John Ettinger makes his second appearance on this program with a piece that is positively trippy. His playing is raw and wild, totally abandoning the "sweetness" of tone that marks the playing of many others in the jazz violin idiom. On this tune (and on others on the disc) he phrases in and out with tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby -- and often it is difficult to tell them apart.

The next group consists of a live performance by three talented Danish artists - double bassist Andreas Bennetzen, pianist and composer Greggers Kirkegaard, and violinist Helianne Blais. Their collaboration is featured in a full-length disc entitled Impressions: Music For Glassworks.

Traditional Irish group Rattle the Boards finishes off this show. They are based out of Tipperary and on their latest disc The Parish Platform explore many popular traditions in the Irish folk canon. Trumpeter Decky O'Dwyer gives this piece a bit iof a New Orleans flavor. Great stuff!

Thanks everyone!

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