Monday, June 23, 2008

Episode 069 - feat. Paul Giger & Marie-Louise Dähler, DeJesus, The Big Fatt, Caduta Massi

Paul Giger & Marie-Louise Dähler - "Gliss a Uno"
DeJesus - "A New Song"
Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt - "The Craziest Chicken of Them All"
Caduta Massi - "James Brown"

Hello everyone,

Paul Giger returns for a third time on this program. For my money, he is unmatched in his creativity and technical prowess. His album Alpstein is one of my favorite recordings. This cut comes from his recent collaboration with Marie-Louise Dähler entitled Towards Silence.

Daniel DeJesus returns for a second appearance on this program with his rock group DeJesus. And if I could indulge to be among the first to announce the news, Daniel has just been brought on board with the popular cello rock group Rasputina. His first performance with them will be June 27 in New York City,

The Big Fatt is a quirky group based in New York featuring the talents of Heather Sommerlad on violin and Marie Valigorsky viola. With humorous lyrics and flamboyant swagger, this group is a lot of fun.

Closing the show is avant garde improvc group Caduta Massi, featuring the violin of Harry Scorzo (previously featured as a member of both Vio-fonik and Scorzo Greenfield Resto. This is from their live recording Live At the Downey Museum of Art.

Thanks everyone!

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