Monday, June 11, 2007

Episode 028 - feat. Zapp String Quartet, D-Sharp, Ben Miller, Semyon Kobialka

Zapp String Quartet - De Donder Komt
D-Sharp - "Life in the Fast Lane"
Ben Miller - excerpt from "Somnolence"
Semyon Kobialka - "Lullaby"

Hi string fans,

The Zapp String Quartet is in many ways a string quartet that thinks it's a rock band - these guys only play originals. Based out of Amsterdam, this group is remarkable for the rhythmic complexity they generate with their instruments -- something I for one am particularly fond of in any string ensemble. Their latest disc Passagio is simply rich with this kind of thing.

D-Sharp is a repeat offender on this program - having debuted here on Episode 014. At 19 years old, this guy is developing a keen sense of artistry as both a performer and a composer. Or to rephrase, this tune will kick your ass! I'd love to see this guy play live...

Ben Miller is a guitarist, actually. And not a "guitar-viol" player, either. Ben is in the habit of (literally) putting his guitar on a pedestal, and finessing sounds out of it with whatever he has on hand. For this tune, he uses a violin bow. A challenging listen perhaps, but a rewarding one I feel.

Closing the show is cellist Semyon Kobialka. As I mention in the audio, the bulk of his latest disc is played pizzicato. I was able to nab a tune from the disc that has a substantial arco section, but hear me say this: the entire disc is @&%king amazing. Check it out!

I have been having some considerable trouble getting female performers for the show. I'm not sure why that is (I have this effect on all women, perhaps?). So -- here's me begging... Ladies! Are you a string player or a composer? Please help save this show from always being an All Male Revue! Contact me with submission information at

Mark Allender, producer-host
phone: 330-781-4387
skype: mark.allender

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