Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode 027 - feat. Violet Quartet, Rasputina, Chance's End, Slow Six

The Violet Quartet - Waltz, Non-Waltz
Rasputina - "Cage in a Cave"
Chance's End - "Production To Perfection"
Slow Six - "The Pulse of This Skyline with Lightning Like Nerves"


Hello everyone,

I am pleased to bring this show to you -- a show that features a whopping four world broadcast premieres. If I keep putting babies like this out, I'll be a happy guy!

The Violet Quartet is a group from all over western Germany comprised of four electric violinists. As if that weren't enough, they are four electric-violinist gadget people. Their works are not simply composed for electric violin -- they are composed around the sounds of the styles and sounds favored by the various players - a trend that I would love to see expand in the future of string music. In addition, this group tends not to play on a stage per se, but with each player in the four corners of the room. Thus, the audience is in many ways on stage as opposed to the performers.

Rasputina is a group that has a wide following - a group without precedent. Two cellos and a drummer making finely crafted, vaguely goth, delicious pop nuggets. Their new disc O Perilous World - set for release later this month - has a louder, more aggressive sound that previous releases. Lyrics get more topical this time around (and in an ironic way, actually more dark and sinister than their previous work). And enjoyable, energetic listen from start to finish.

Chance's End is the work of classically trained Ryan Avery. Under the name Chance's End, Avery explores fine violin playing in an electronica environment. This track is a cut from his forthcoming disc, The Outsider.

Slow Six is a group out of Brooklyn. Somber, yet dense and intricate, these guys make a wholly unique stew of sounds. Instrumentation includes amplified strings, electric guitars, keyboards, homegrown software instruments, and video projections mixed live throughout the space. As I mention in the audio, fans of the group Low may find something special here.

Mark Allender, producer-host
phone: 330-781-4387
skype: mark.allender

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