Monday, June 25, 2007

Episode 030 - feat. Orange Mighty Trio, Thomas Storrs & Sarpolas, Julia Kent, John Pascuzzi

Orange Mighty Trio - "Billy in the Lowground"
Thomas, Stors, & Sarpolas - "Clay Hippopotamus"
Julia Kent - "Barajas"
John Pascuzzi - "Ignition"

Hello everybody,

This show comes to you from Tannery Park in Kent, Ohio - the site of a tannery built in the 1830s by abolitionist John Brown. This park is on the banks of the Cuyahoga River and adjoins the B&O Railroad (found on your Monopoly board)

Tannery Park fishing deck on the Cuyahoga River. B&O Railroad is up the hill.

Here's who's on this week:

My stuff in Tannery Park.

Orange Mighty Trio is a group out of Minneapolis, MN featuring a violinist, a pianist, and a bowed double bassist. Flashy, showy -- these guys create an almost Baroque sensibility to the exploration of jazz and old-time Americana. A new ep is available in both CD an mp3 format on their MySpace site.

Thomas, Storrs, & Sarpolas is a collaboration featuring the work of violinist Rob Thomas, whom I consider one of the finest jazz players in the world today. He has been able to perform some of the most "violin unfriendly" idioms of the many forms of jazz and make it sound easy. His skill as an improvisor is apparent in this free-jazz piece. Julia Kent is a New York cellist/recording artist whose latest disc is about airports. Called Delay, this disc is currently avilable only in Europe. It is expected to be released in North America lter this fall. Rich with multi-tracked celo and found sounds, this disc is a real treat for people who love the sound of a bow on a string.

John Pascuzzi
takes instruments from all over the world (and beyond) and bends them to his will. This track features the igil, a two-stringed fiddle from Tuva. Or in John's case, the electric igil.

More great music coming next week!

Mark Allender, producer-host
phone: 330-781-4387
skype: mark.allender

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