Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode 044 - feat. Cellolitis, Jesus Florido, David Wilson, Peter Hawkes

Cellolitis - "Horrorfrieden"
Jesus Florido - "Con Todo"
David Wilson - "Night Watch"
Peter Ha
wkes - "The Warlock's Dream"


Sort of a Halloween theme this time around - starting with "Horrorfrieden" (literally "horror-peace") and finishing up with "The Warlock's Dream." I swear this was unintentional! The tunes just fell into my lap.

Cellolitis is the stage name for Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff, a cellist and performance artist living in Berlin. His latest disc Himmelblau ("Blue Sky") is akin to his performance act - dramatic, comic, quirky, and diverse. As a street performer, he utilizes a looping sampler to build a bed of sound over which he plays, sings, and otherwise waxes dramatic. Each tune on his disc is wildly different from one another - quite a trip!

Jesus Florido is Venezuelan by birth, currently lives in Los Angeles. His broad mix of styles include Techno, World, Trance, Salsa, Rock, Funk - along with generous nods to his own classical traning. His most recent disc Heading North spans from gentle latino-jazz arrangements to killer kick out the funk jams. This track is from the latter category. Hopes you likes!

David Wilson is another repeat guest on the show -- his last apperanace was on epiosde 021 with a tune from his disc Elegencia. This time thru, he features a track from his forthcoming disc Consordino - rich with flamenco and other Spanish music stylings.

Finishing off the show is Australian guitarist Pete Hawkes. For his 2006 disc Witchcraft, he utilized a string trio that pretty much dominates the sound. Gentle, yet ominous -- for fans of strings, this disc is a real treasure.

Thanks everybody! Take care!

Mark Allender, producer-host
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