Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode 047 - feat. Dana Leong Quintet (featuring Baba Israel), Geert de Belder, Kevin Mathie, Murray Gay

Dana Leong Quintet (feat. Baba Israel) - "Beer Goggles"
Geert de Belder - "Mein Kaempfert"
Kevin Mathie (feat. Linda Clark) - "The Long Goodbye"
Murray Gay - "Cruel Freedom (part one)"

Hosted from the Ohio Quarter Horse Congress

Hello kids,

Had a busy weekend... a little late getting the whole baby out, but hey... it's a good show, it was worth the wait.

I have been trying to get Dana Leong on the show for some time now. His group is totally unique -- nobody else sounds like this. I LOVE it when a cello (or other string instrument" takes on this kind of shuffle rhythm feel -- can't get enough of it. Hip, cool, fun. You'll love it. Oh - and by the way, the guy plays trombone too.

I confess I don't know much about the next artist Geert de Belder beyond that he is based in Antwerp and is for the most part a one-man-band. His MySpace page bills him as "Stillerman" -- but it's a great tune - a re-working from a famous composer from earlier in the 20th century. Hopes you likes!

Kevin Mathie is a pianist and composer out of Salt Lake City - and his piece features the playing of violinist Linda Clark (who will be featured in an upcoming episode with one of her own compositions here in the coming weeks). His work is emotional and evocative.

... and closing up the show is a tune by Australian double bassist Murray Gay. Speaking here as an arco bassist myself, I really appreciate what the man is doing here. Highly textural, well-layered and... to top it all, this is a live improvisation. Most cool.

Thanks everybody! Take care!

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