Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Episode 048 - feat. Patrick Grant (feat. The Young Eight), William Susman (feat. Joan Jeanrenaud), Mark Simos & Friends, Caroline Stinson

Patrick Grant (feat. The Young Eight) - "Hip Hop Experience - Part 1"
William Susman (feat. Joan Jeanrenaud) - "The Work - Children - Alter"
Mark Simos & Friends - "John Bloom"
Caroline Stinson - Figment

Hello everyone,

Patrick Grant starts off this episode with a recording of the debut of his piece "Hip Hop EXperience" live from "Chamber Music at the Barn" in Wichita, Kansas - July 19, 2007. The performers on this piece are from an African-AMerican string octet called The Young Eight. The recording quality here is a bit shoddy, but the energy of the performance is undeniable -- and if you know me at all, you know that I love this kind of "bootleg" recording of a hot performance.

William Susman is a film composer with a number of indie soundtracks under his belt including Oil on Ice, Native New Yorker, and Global Procession. This piece comes from his most recent soundtrack for Sarah C. Sifers' film Fate of the Lhapa. The cellist in this soundtrack is Joan Jeanrenaud - formerly of the Kronos Quartet.

Mark Simos is a fiddler of the bluegrass and old-time tradition and a member of such groups as UnBeaten Path, Fair Play, and the Cliffhangers. This tune is a cut from his 2006 disc called Clifftop Notes Vol 1.

Cellist Caroline Stinson is a repeat offender on this program, having appeared as a member of the group Cello - featured on episode 011. She is one of the biggest names in the performance of new music.

Thanks everybody! Take care!

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