Monday, November 19, 2007

Episode 050 - feat. Rosie Westbrook, Kong Sauce, Cellorhythmics, Douglas Johnson

Rosie Westbrook - "Amoeba"
Kong Sauce - "Through the Mountain"
Cellorhythmics - "Clocktower"
Douglas Johnson - "Into the Agape"

Hello everyone,

This week finds me a little under the weather. Do not (as they say) adjust your set.

Rosie Westbrook is a bassist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Her pieces are rich, warm, brooding, and evocative. Wonderful sounds from my favorite instrument! This piece is from her latest disc, Big As the Ocean.

Batting second on this program is Kong Sauce, a group from my veritable backyard in Cleveland, Ohio. Aggressive and melodic - my first thought when I heard them was that they sounded like later Pixies albums like Bossonova. A fun and creative group I know you wil enjoy - features the violist Krissy Brannan.

Cellorhythmics is a group from the UK featuring cellists James Hesford and Alfia Nakipebekova. Their current project is The Cellorhythmics Acoustic Project, wherein Hesford has written a new composition based on found objects for each new monthly gig - adding a new musician to the original quartet for each subsequent gig in the twelve-part series. They appeared earlier on this program in Episode 012.

Closing off the show is yet another bassist, Mr. Douglas Johnson (two basses in one show!). For this piece he has layered 16 bass tracks - performed on both a 5-string Louis Lowendall double bass and a 6-string Clevinger electric upright. Wonderful stuff.

Take care everyone -- thanks for listening!

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