Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 049 - feat. John Ettinger, Judgement Day, Riad Abdel-Gawad, Boldwood

John Ettinger - "Dual Diagnosis"
Judgement Day - "Out of the Abyss"
Riad Abdel-Gawad - "Sama'i Sultanah Yakah"
Boldwood - "Hundson House"

Hey kiddos,

One more note on the email front, I have actually switched email providers, so I can guarantee you that "inbox full" messages will not be plaguing you anymore. So that said, here's the goods on the show.

John Ettinger starts off the show with his free-jazz exploration "Dual Diagnosis" from his latest disc Kissinger In Space. In all honesty, I don;t believe I've heard anyone play the violin like John does here -- his playing is raw and wild, totally abandoning the "sweetness" of tone that marks Stephane Grappelli's playing for example. On this tune (and on others on the disc) he phrases in and out with tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby -- and often it is difficult to tell them apart. He truly takes the conventions of the violin to a new level - and frankly I hope it catches on.

Bay-area heavy metal group Judgement Day makes a return to this show after their first appearance on Episode 013 (the infamous "Dawn and Drew" episode). This tune is their new single and is available for free download from their MySpace site. Bear in mind while you listen that no guitars are used onthis recording; all that sound is made using violin, cello, and drums.

Riad Abdel-Gawad is a violin virtuoso based in southern California. He is well versed in western classical music, the 20th century avantgarde, and traditional Arabic music - particularly the current folk music scene in Egypt. This is a tune in the Arabic tradition from his most recent disc entitled Autochthonic Enchantment.

Closing off the show is Britain's Boldwood. These guys perform nearly-forgotten dance music of the 18th century, breathing new life into these old folksy tunes. Their latest disc, entitled Feet Don't Fail Me Now is available online from their website thru Hobgoblin Records.

In another note, I am interested in trying to get some local press for the show. Is there a local music magazine in your area? Pass along some news about the show to their "story ideas" link!

Take care everyone -- thanks for listening!

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