Monday, October 22, 2007

Episode 046 - feat. Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder, Enter the Haggis, Sirous Malek, The Beatles

Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder - "Levantine's 'Spinning' Barrel"
Enter the Haggis - "Congress"
Sirous Malek - "Esfehan 100"
The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby"

Hello kids,

Here's who's on tap this week.

Violinist Jamie Laval and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Broder have put together a fun collction of duets called Zephyr at the Confetti Factory. Quirky and off-center with hints of old-time and bluegrass, these guys are like trippimg thru a slightly demented nursery rhyme.

Enter the Haggis is a Scottish themed band from Toronto - in the States, you may have seen their hour-long PBS special. With fiddle and bagpipes and a full rhythm section, they incorporate Scottish idioms into a contemporary rock sound. This is a contemorary take on the classic Congress Reel.

Sirous Malek is a self-taught violinist out of the Persian tradition, though violin is very much his side project. He is a visual artist working in acrylic and pastels - many of his works are available for sale online.

And finally, a version of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. You ever actually listen to the strings on this one?

Thanks everybody! Take care!

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