Monday, February 13, 2006

Episode 006 - Hosted by violinist Carla Kihlstedt

Mirobolus String Trio - "Diaphanous Charms"
Guts Pie Earshot - "Exist"
Yoshi and the Cello Acoustics - "Tango Liberte"
Ruby Harris - "Broken Glass Blues"
Philip Sheppard - "Aqua Voce"
Graham Clark - "Buffalo Wings"
Che Ahmad - "Lagu Mak Inang"

Hey folks,

This episode has turned out to be the most "international" episode so far; I'm starting to make good on that "string players from around the world" bit that I keep going on about. Only one artist on this roster is from the U.S. Beyond that it's two Brits, a duo from Germany, a trio from Canada, a Japanese cellist, and a Malaysian rebab player. Still largely Anglophone, but substantially more global. That said, this is also the most male show I've compiled so far as well, with the only woman playing this time being Monica of the Mirobolus String Trio. What can one do?

Hosting this show is the incredibly versatile Carla Kihlstedt, whose group 2 Foot Yard was featured on Episode 002 of this program. The debut 2 Foot Yard recording is one of my favorites; from start to finish it is simply rich with that raw string sound I dig so much. I haven't heard anything else like it.

I am particularly happy to feature Ruby Harris on this episode. Just really great blues chops - the man can just wail. Great stuff.

For Western ears, probably the most jarring track yet featured will be Che Ahmad's traditional Malaysian piece - primarily due to his voice, which to Western ears sounds rather shrill. With repeated listenings, the true sweetness and tenderness of the piece comes out. I hope you come to enjoy his work as much as I have.

Hope you enjoy the music.

Thanks for listening!