Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Episode 018 - Hosted by Mark Allender frm his car

Christian Howes - “Fugue in G Minor”
Darol Anger - “In the Basement”
Dirty Three - “Flutter”
Miri Ben-Ari (feat. Akon) - "“Miss Melody”
Ben Heaney - “Elvionix”
Zydepunks - “Blues En Jen”
Zhe Clampitt - “They Will Know”
Ben Jacob - “Invocation: An improvisation for solo violin ”

Hello everybody,

Well it came two weeks behind schedule, but it came just the same. Here it is - Episode 018. I am currently working three jobs, so finding time to actually record the show has been difficult. But I got this brand new Sansa mp3 player - complete with voice recorder - so I recorded the announcements for the show while driving to work on a recent snowy 6 am drive.

As the openning to the show indicates, this show features work by a Christian (Zhe), two guys named Christian (Howes and Kuffner of the Zydepunks), a guy named after a mortal sin (Darol Anger), and three people named Ben (Heaney, Jacob, and Miri Ben-Ari). There's also the Dirty Three, but I couldn't think of anything clever for those guys.

I don't know what else to say - the tunes are great, the artists are wonderful. And I'm tired. But thank you for your patience.

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Episode 017 - Hosted by Chris Boros of

Vio-Fonik - “Blues For Those Who Can't Drive”
The Morgantown Rounders - “Picked Up a Hammer”
Almaplana - “Cor El Mim”
Young Mozart - “The Masterpiece”
Zack Kline - “Fiddler's World”
Zoltán Bakaja - Concertina for Viola and Mixed Choir (2nd movement)
Derek Bermel - Soul Garden

Hello everybody,

This show features one of my new favorite groups, West Virginia's Morgantown Rounders. I just got their new disc and - I tell you what - there's not a bum note on the whole thing. Both my five-year-old daughter and I know all the songs by heart. In fact, I had a little trouble deciding which tune to feature on the show, they're all home runs. I ended up picking my daughter's favorite - she has of late been known to break into a chorus of "picked up a hammer and knocked em in the head."

Tunes come this time from both Portugal (with neo-folk trio Almaplana) and Hungary (with composer/performer Zoltán Bakaja). I was also able to snag hip hop violinist Young Mozart for the show as well - and frankly, I think hip hop violin is one of the coolest things to pop up here lately. Hip hop trumpet or hip hop flute just aren't quite the same. Now when I find a hip hop cellist...

This show is hosted by my former co-worker Chris Boros, an evening personality at 89.7 WKSU in Kent, Ohio - as well as the music director of I will always best remember Chris for his public radio interview with GWAR - a rock band whose mission is to destroy all life on Earth.

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode 016 - Hosted by violinist Darol Anger

Tristan and Tashina Clarridge - untitled
Brittany Haas - "Duck River"
Jeremy Kittel - "Jujette"
Simon Hewitt Jones - "The Violin Player"
Cellofourte - "Misery"
Burning Down Rome - "Monochromatic"
Hanneke Cassel - "Silver"

Hello everybody,

For a slight change of scenery, this show finds me working with a co-producer - one Darol Anger, formerly with the Turtle Island string Quartet and currently with The Republic of Strings. Darol brings to this show his expertise and brings with him several young virtuosi who are strong contenders for the next big thing in the world of strings. The whole collaboration was quite cool, and I hope that we can do more of this kind of thing in the future.

This episode is sponsored by Arcus USA - the first bow of the 21st century.

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


Monday, October 2, 2006

Episode 015 - Hosted by Ryu Cope of Bad Buddhist Radio

G-Strings - "Haukonzert mit Bierchen"
Kari Tieger (feat. Barbara Zdravesky) - "Rosebud"
Pixel - “Un Ange Passe”
Warren Ellis - no. 2 from Three Pieces for Violin
Noemi Liba - "Kol"
My Invisible - "Implicit - Complicit"
Reptile Palace Orchestra - "Catwoman"

Hello everybody,

Another brand-spanking new show for you - this one full of fire and energy - not a dull moment the whole way thru.

This show features two artists from Australia, one from Germany, one from France, one from everywhere, and two (curiously) from Rhode Island (of all the gin joints in all the world...).

More specifically, this show features the return of The G-Strings, a five-piece string ensemble out of Hamburg that was featured on the very first episode of this program. Also - if you have seen Adrian Belew play live anytime in the past decade, you may have noticed a dude with a violin sneaking on stage from time to time. That guy is the unpronounceable Biff Blumfumgagnge, and his group Reptile Palace Orchestra closes the show off on a fun, off-center note

This show is hosted by Ryu Cope, host of the popular podcast, Bad Buddhist Radio - a unique, un-fluffy look at living one's life as a Buddhist. Fascinating. Entertaining. And above all, incredibly relevant. Check it out!

Enjoy the music and keep in touch!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Episode 014 - Hosted by Mark Allender

Ethel - "Memory"
Stratospheerius - "Mental Floss"
Catya Maré - "Essential Impro"
Bee and Flower - "In the Hush"
Ashia - "Ne me quitte pas"
Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble - "Yuki"
D-Sharp - "Moment 2 Reflect"
Back Forty - "Shiva Blues"


Ah, so much for being on a roll

This episode is a good one and, I am proud to say, is the first that I host by myself. So yes, this is what I sound like.

A lot of great music on this episode. The big catch is the bad-ass string quartet Ethel. These guys are great and god, I would love to see these guys live someday. One exciting catch for this show is the Berlin-based ten-piece ensemble Bee and Flower - a large ensemble with a full in-house string quartet. Prepare to be swept off your feet.

I currently have a TON of music ready to go, so let's see if I can get these shows out a little more regularly.

Thanks for all the emails and comments!

Take care,

Mark Allender

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Episode 013 - Hosted by Dawn Miceli of the Dawn and Drew Show

Mundi - "Saltarello"
Zydepunks - "Satan, Dance You Fukr"
DeJesus - "Change"
Daryn Yuill & Dan Cullen - "5 am"
Da Phatfunk Clique - "Word Funk"
Sadie Compton - "Screamer"
Judgement Day - "Seventh Circle"
Glenn Weyant - "Clear Light"


It's been a bit delayed, but I am on a roll at this point, so look for more music more often.

This show gives us a taste of the southern United States, more than in previous programs, featuring artists from Louisiana, Arizona, Texas, and Kentucky (playing a song about Alabama). Another fine collection.

Probably the weirdest thing that's been on this show in a while is Glenn Weyant, whose work explores the sounds of bowed metals - specifically the metal wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. I am also very pleased to present the Zydepunks on the show - their music is a lot of fun and represents the first artist that makes this show Rated R (for language). Also notable is heavy metal string trio Judgment Day - god i would love to see these gguys live! (y'ever make it out east?!)

Hosting this episode is Dawn Miceli of the infamous Dawn and Drew Show. It is a great plaesure to have her on the show, so make her feel welcome (even if she does have difficulty saying the word "Klezmer")

Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episode 012 - Hosted by cellist Corbin Keep

Cellorhythmics - "Essex Road"
Amledd - "Can Mabon"
Nick Ogawa - "If It Feels Good"
Sophie Serafino - "Liquid Crystal"
phearnone - "War's Favorite Things"
Turtle Island String Quartet - "Model Trane"
Tricks Upon Travelers - "Knocker Boys"
Ritsu Katsumata - Duckworth 6


This is by far the longest episode I have assembled since the very first one - clocking in at nearly 60 minutes. Lots of fun stuff here - notably the Cellorhythmics track and the absolutely infectious "If It Feels Good" by Nick Ogawa (that one will stick your head for days and days). Also worthy of note is the show's first political piece, phearnone's "War's Favorite Things."

This show is also home to a Bowed Radio Exclusive... The world-renown Turtle Island String Quartet appears on this episode with a new track that is unavailable on any recording - an homage to John Coltrane entitled "Model Trane."

What with my "straight job" situation coming to a resolution here - not to mention the new resources available as a member of the MySpace community, these episodes will return to their previous frequency here shortly. Many surprises yet to come.\

Hosting this episode is Corbin Keep the Wild Cellist of Bowen Island, British Columbia. Corbin was a guest on Episode 004 of this program.

Enjoy the music!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Episode 011 - Hosted by Kristin Hersh

Tarab Cello Ensemble - Cog (composed by Daniel DiSantis)
Noise Khanyile - "Kwazamazama Umkhomazi"
Hadley J. Castille - "Charivari"
Morrigan (feat. Willard Morris) - "This Girl"
India Cooke - "Logan's Reel"
Cello - Stretched on the Beauty
Fretwork - "Tandernaken"


I have made a point of mentioning that each episode features "exciting new work" from the various artists in question. This time thru I had to refrain from saying that the individual works were necessarily "new" with one track being ten years old, another being nearly twenty, and yet another from the European Renaissance.

In searching for work for this program, I did a websearch for "noise violinist." What I found thru this search was a violinist whose first name is Noise - Zulu violinist Noise Khanyile. I have been a fan of Zulu and Township Jive music for many years, so for me this was quite a find. Khanyile has been making great music since the late sixties and his track here is very enjoyabole (if not a real pain in the ass for the announcer, who had to wade thru the words "Kwazamazama Umkhomazi" with virtually no preparation).

Another great find on this disc is the Tarab Cello Ensemble -- eight cellos playing contemporary music. That sounds like a great ensemble to see live.

Like Episode 004, this episode has a preponderance of avant garde material, with the Tarabs, India Cooke, and Cello taking up over 50% of the actual music in this program -- not to mention the Fretwork piece, which is hardly an accessable listen nowadays.

Hosting this episode is Kristin Hersh of the group Throwing Muses -- not to mention her new group 50footwave. Fans of her work and fans of this program may recall an EP of hers from the early 90's called Strings. It is a great pleasure to have her hosting this program. (Thanks Kristin!)

Thanks again to all the artists and their representatives who have made this program possible.

Enjoy the music!


Thursday, April 6, 2006

Episode 009 - Hosted by Acoustic Ross

Virus String Quartet - Batianas
String Theory - "Chaos Nebula"
L. Subramaniam & Jiebing Chen - "Blue Lotus"
Ljova - "Bagel on the Malecon"
Lindsay Mac - "Lucy"
Stephen Katz - "Eight Days of Eve"
The Plug - "Come Back Strong"

Hey folks,

You may or may not be aware that in order to do a non-"podsafe" music program like this, you need to get permission from each and every artist you use on your program. That is the primary reason that these shows only come out on a bi-weekly basis. There is even a "podcast release form" that is becoming standardized among music podcasters (you can view mine here).

Such was my dilemma when I received a f$%&inamazing track from erhu master Jiebing Chen called "Blue Lotus." This piece prominantly features Chen's playing, but was released on an album by Indian violin master L. Subramaniam. I sent repeated emails to Dr. Subramaniam and got no response. In desparation (because so help me, I was going to have this piece on my show or -- metaphorically speaking here -- die trying), I tracked down his home telephone number in Bangalore, India and gave him a call (12am EST) to ask for permission to use this piece. Which he gave without a second thought - if not a little confusion as to why I was calling all the way from the States.

Such is my devotion to you (you ungrateful wretches!). :-)

Also featured on this program is an intriguing group from Barcelona called the Virus String Quartet. People will talk at length about how the first time they heard some theoretical group x, they wanted to actually be in that band ("group x" being perhaps The Pixies, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, or what have you). The VSQ is such a group for me. Lots of clips on their website. Check `em out.

Hosting this episode is my longtime friend "Acoustic Ross" Greenawalt - singer and guitarist of the Tulsa-area band Math Lab.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Episode 008 - Hosted by Glen and Bridgitte of The ZA Show

Tim Linhart - "Le Cygne" from Carnivale des Animaux
Kristen Miller - "Ring of Fire"
Máiréad Nesbitt - "The Butterfly"
Daniel Pezzotti - Return of the Jupiter
Jorge Saade-Scaff & Boris Cepeda - Suite Ecuatoriana
Martha Colby - "Born Again"
DBR - "Cotillion 1"
Arrows - "Daughter of Job"

Hey folks,


See?! I told you! Every other week. I ain't lyin'!

I had a lot of fun putting this episode together. Opening up the show is "The Swan" from Saint-Saens' famous Carnival of Animals - the first time a tune written by a dead guy has been featured on the program. What makes the performance unique is that the instruments in this performance are made of ice - courtesy of Tim Linhart's Ice Orchestra

Two female cellist singer-songwriters in this episode (and one to come in the next episode) - Kristen Miller and Martha Colby. From their incredible recordings, I was able to pull two pieces that prominantly feature bowed cello (what is it with female cellist singer-songwriters and this obsession with pizzicato?!!). Also featured on this episode is Ecuadoran virtuoso Jorge Saade-Scaff. I have been trying to get a track out of this guy since December. There is a long trail of emails between us trying to negotiate a piece of music for this program. Luckily his English is better than my Spanish, else we wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

Hosting this show are Glen and Bridgitte of the popular podcast The ZA Show - a truly fascinating program about life, politics, news, and culture in South Africa. They also feature some great podsafe music - and promise to someday have some Afrikaans music on the show as well. A very entertaining listen.

Episode 009 will be coming in another two weeks and promises to be another great collection of work. More updates and surprises to come. Stay tuned!


Monday, March 6, 2006

Episode 007 - Hosted by composer Mike Hovancsek

Fern Knight - "Egg Theme and Variations"
Fiidla & the Chocolat' Wireworks - "Jam Jam"
Stuart Wyatt - "Twopiece (part two)"
Ellen Fullman - "I Ain't Got No Home"
Bright Red Paper - "D Is For Dead Sea"
Patrick Neher - "Improv d'Amour"
Von Cello - "The Other One"

Hello everybody!

I am pleased to present a bunch of changes to the program. Probably the biggest change (though not so noticable just yet) is that I am about to double the number of episodes. These should be coming out about once every other week or so.

I am also in the process of giving the website a face-lift. Look for that to be 100% complete sometime soon.

This episode has a decidedly melancholy feel to it. Nearly all the tunes are in a minor key, for example. So for those in the Northern Hemiphere, this will be the perfect soundtrack to these late winter afternoons we're all experiencing. I can't really invoke a theme for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere - farthest south I've been is Singapore.

Frequent listeners to the program will notice my affinity for "bootleg" quality recordings of amazing performances (note the Rob Thomas track from episode 005). Such is the case again with Stuart Wyatt's "Twopiece" - recorded under the Louis XIV bridge in Paris. Not even the noise and hiss of the surroundings can mask the intensity of how this performance must have sounded live.

Also of note in this episode is Ellen Fullman - playing an instrument of her own creation - the Long String Instrument. I have included this piece even though Fullman is technically not playing a bowed instrument. The sound of the instrument though is made with sustained friction on the strings which creates a sound not unlike a bowed string. To my ears, her track sounds uncommonly trippy.

Despite my best efforts to secure Sean Connery as the host of this Episode 007, I am pleased to present artsist and composer Mike Hovancsek as the host of this program - hosted apparently from the dark recesses of his underground laboratory.



Monday, February 13, 2006

Episode 006 - Hosted by violinist Carla Kihlstedt

Mirobolus String Trio - "Diaphanous Charms"
Guts Pie Earshot - "Exist"
Yoshi and the Cello Acoustics - "Tango Liberte"
Ruby Harris - "Broken Glass Blues"
Philip Sheppard - "Aqua Voce"
Graham Clark - "Buffalo Wings"
Che Ahmad - "Lagu Mak Inang"

Hey folks,

This episode has turned out to be the most "international" episode so far; I'm starting to make good on that "string players from around the world" bit that I keep going on about. Only one artist on this roster is from the U.S. Beyond that it's two Brits, a duo from Germany, a trio from Canada, a Japanese cellist, and a Malaysian rebab player. Still largely Anglophone, but substantially more global. That said, this is also the most male show I've compiled so far as well, with the only woman playing this time being Monica of the Mirobolus String Trio. What can one do?

Hosting this show is the incredibly versatile Carla Kihlstedt, whose group 2 Foot Yard was featured on Episode 002 of this program. The debut 2 Foot Yard recording is one of my favorites; from start to finish it is simply rich with that raw string sound I dig so much. I haven't heard anything else like it.

I am particularly happy to feature Ruby Harris on this episode. Just really great blues chops - the man can just wail. Great stuff.

For Western ears, probably the most jarring track yet featured will be Che Ahmad's traditional Malaysian piece - primarily due to his voice, which to Western ears sounds rather shrill. With repeated listenings, the true sweetness and tenderness of the piece comes out. I hope you come to enjoy his work as much as I have.

Hope you enjoy the music.

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Episode 005 - Hosted by violinist Jon Rose

Amy Domingues - "West Green Hollow"
Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo - improv
Paul Giger - "Oogoogajoo"
Rob Thomas - "Four In One"
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier - "Rigal"
Montana Skies - "Gringo Flamenco"
áthas - traditional Irish polkas and jigs
Michel van der Aa - Memo

Hosted by violinist Jon Rose

I am very pleased to present some of my absolute favorite performers - notably Paul Giger and Mark Feldman - appearing on this program for the first time. I had been hoping to get each of these guys on since Day 1 - and now, with perserverence, some mangled German emails, and basic gumshoe detective work, here they are. And if that weren't enough, another of my favorite players - Jon Rose - is this episode's guest host/peanut gallery. He brings to this episode an Aeolian fence, a lesson in British naval history, and a fairly weak John Lennon impersonation.

Paul Giger, in my opinion, is about the most amazing player I have ever heard. His most recent recordings Vindonissa and Ignis spotlight his compositional prowess. But if you really want to hear him show off, check out Schattenwelt or Chartres - both on ECM.

I first heard Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier in 1999 with their amazing recording Music For Violin and Piano. These two play like they are dancing together - perfectly in step - with a sound that goes from dolcissimo to torto scheggiato in less than five seconds. I had a bit of a struggle picking a track for these two - whether to feature their wilder, more chaotic sound or their sweeter, prettier sound. I went with "pretty" for this program, but be careful when you pick up the disc -- it's a wild ride.

I have had numerous requests from listeners for some good quality string jazz - and was able to find some in Rob Thomas - presented here with a fun rendition of Thelonious Monk's "Four In One". More jazz to come...

This also is the first episode where I feature traditional music - in this case traditional Irish polkas and jigs from Milwaukee's athas (note the au-courrant small á). I've actually been hunting for traditional Irish fiddle tunes from real Irish people in Ireland for some time. Most of them apparently don't check their email all that often. More traditional fiddle to come (though not the traditional traditional fiddle you might be thinking of...)

Thanks for listening!