Monday, August 24, 2009

Episode 079 - feat. Quartet San Francisco, Casey Driessen, David Wilson, and Joan Jeanrenaud

Quartet San Francisco - "Crowdambo"
Casey Driessen - "Conversation with Death"/"The Day Before Halloween"
David Wilson - "Make it With You"
Joan Jeanrenaud - "Kaleidoscope"

Hosted by Dean Capper

Quartet San Francisco is a string quartet who really knows how to do the crossover thing right. This piece is a mambo that QSF violinist Jeremy Cohen wrote in honor of Anne Crowden, a teacher from his youth.

Casey Driessen's new album, Oog, is so packed full of good music that I couldn't pick just one track to share, I had to include two in the show. Don't worry, I'm not really cheating, "Conversation with Death" flows right into "The Day Before Halloween," so they seem like only one song. ;)
With all the different instruments and electronic sounds on Oog, these tracks are much more than just another couple of fiddle tunes. By the way, here's a link to his mandotar instrument that I mention in my show commentary.

David Wilson’s Nobody Does it Better is a collection of familiar ballads from the 1960’s and 70’s. This song, “Make it With You,” is a 1970 #1 hit written by the band Bread.

Joan Jeanrenaud made her album Strange Toys with producer Pc Muñoz, whom we can thank for the great beats on "Kaleidoscope." This is by far my favorite track from the album, undoubtetly because it's just so damn cool.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Dean Capper, producer-host

Monday, August 3, 2009

Episode 078 - feat. Anna Schaad, Derrick "DSharp" Gleaton, John Ettinger, and Twrf Neus Ciglau

Anna Schaad - "Jeux dAmore"
DSharp - "Stanky Legg"
John Ettinger "Layers"
Twrf Neus Ciglau - excerpt from 34'18"

Hey all - sort of a trippy show this time around,

Anna Schaad is an electric violinist based in the Seattle area. She has a sort of goth sensibility to her work. She has a new disc out entitled Dream Within a Dream (named after an Edgar Allen Poe poem). This cut is the final tune on that disc.

DSharp is is back for his third appearance on this proram, this time featuring a cut from his new disc, Civilized Savage. This tune is a take on the GS Boyz tune, "Stanky Legg."

John Ettinger is for me a fairly recent discovery, his disc Kissinger In Spacehas gotten a lot of mileage in my car over the past year. This tune is from his new, more experimental disc, Inquatica.

Rounding off the show is an excerpt from an improvisation entitled 34'18" featuring the work of Portugese violinist Ernesto Rodrigues and his son Guilherme Rodrigues. Recorded in Lisbon in December of 2008 and released under the name Twf Neus Ciglau, this piece is very experimental and a fairly challenging listen. That said, I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thank you everyone!

Mark Allender, producer-host
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