Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Episode 011 - Hosted by Kristin Hersh

Tarab Cello Ensemble - Cog (composed by Daniel DiSantis)
Noise Khanyile - "Kwazamazama Umkhomazi"
Hadley J. Castille - "Charivari"
Morrigan (feat. Willard Morris) - "This Girl"
India Cooke - "Logan's Reel"
Cello - Stretched on the Beauty
Fretwork - "Tandernaken"


I have made a point of mentioning that each episode features "exciting new work" from the various artists in question. This time thru I had to refrain from saying that the individual works were necessarily "new" with one track being ten years old, another being nearly twenty, and yet another from the European Renaissance.

In searching for work for this program, I did a websearch for "noise violinist." What I found thru this search was a violinist whose first name is Noise - Zulu violinist Noise Khanyile. I have been a fan of Zulu and Township Jive music for many years, so for me this was quite a find. Khanyile has been making great music since the late sixties and his track here is very enjoyabole (if not a real pain in the ass for the announcer, who had to wade thru the words "Kwazamazama Umkhomazi" with virtually no preparation).

Another great find on this disc is the Tarab Cello Ensemble -- eight cellos playing contemporary music. That sounds like a great ensemble to see live.

Like Episode 004, this episode has a preponderance of avant garde material, with the Tarabs, India Cooke, and Cello taking up over 50% of the actual music in this program -- not to mention the Fretwork piece, which is hardly an accessable listen nowadays.

Hosting this episode is Kristin Hersh of the group Throwing Muses -- not to mention her new group 50footwave. Fans of her work and fans of this program may recall an EP of hers from the early 90's called Strings. It is a great pleasure to have her hosting this program. (Thanks Kristin!)

Thanks again to all the artists and their representatives who have made this program possible.

Enjoy the music!