Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Episode 019 - Hosted by madfiddler

Cecilia Suhr - "State of Soul"
Pratie Heads - "Bagira's Walk"
Invert - The Strange Parade
Jon Rose and Dale Gorfinkel - excerpt from Borrowed Time
The Secret Ink - "Boomerang"
Nicole Randall - Apparition
Degenerate Art Ensemble - "Oni Garoshi"
La Catrina Cuarteto de Cuerdes - Cuarteto

Hi folks. It's been awhile but I'm back. Fact is, I've been going thru a lot lately. But that's all over. Let's get busy.

Notable on this show is the string quartet Invert - an innovative group with two cellists instead of two violins. These guys are a lot of fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Two more "classical" oriented works this time with both Nicole Randall's composition and La Catrina String Quartet. A very eclectic show with disparate styles throughout -- just what you've come to expect from a Bowed Radio program.

There are two special guests on this show - one being my daughter Allison. Hopefully I can live vicariously thru her by getting her some violin lessons. Allison and I recorded the intro to this show at Ray's Place in Kent, Ohio - featuring some of the finest food you're likely to find.

The other guest on the show is the infamous madfiddler, host and moderator of the Fiddle and Alternative Strings Forum .

Goddamn it's good to be back. Thank you everyone. You're the best!