Monday, July 30, 2007

Episode 034 - feat. Daniel and Amy Carwile, Helen Sherrah Davies, Erik Friedlander, Michael Drewes

Daniel and Amy Carwile - "Chief Sitting Bull"
Helen Sherrah-Davies - "Demon Eyes"
Erik Friedlander - "Airstream Envy"
Michael Drewes - "Finale" from String Quartet No.1

Hello everybody! Here's what's on board for this week:

Daniel and Amy Carwile are an old-time fiddle duo out of Lexington, Kentucky. Their latest disc Col Arco is rich with fine fiddle playing from start to finish. This tune is a traditional Texas old-time tune arranged for two fiddles. Hot little number.

Helen Sherrah-Davies is a violinist and is a professor of music at the elite Berklee Conservatory of Music. She also has a fascinating condition known as synaesthesia -- a condition which causes the person's sensory experiences to... overlap? blend? merge? The synaesthete often reports visual images in response to auditory stimulation. This is a programmatic composition which Helen describes thus: "The sax breathes his breath of fire at the start, and the swirling triplets are his red piercing eyes, he has a limp, but he also wants to dance... "

Erik Frielander, in many ways the most well-known creative cellist in the U.S., appears on this episode with a world-premiere from his forthcoming disc Block Ice & Propane. He collaborates with rock musicians and some of the most accomplished classical composers in the world today. His work includes classcal, jazz, rock, avant garde work. The guy's incredible.

Michael Drewes was a closet composer for many years with many of his works going unperformed for decades. He recently came across some composition software and brought many of his old compositions to life for the first time. This piece was composed in 1964 and was recorded at a 24 Jan 2006 performance of many of his works at the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami.

Thanks for listening - take care!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Episode 033 - feat. The Amigos, Unwoman, Miss Von Trapp, Stefano Pastor

The Amigos - "Letcho Gurgo"
Unwoman - "The Little Mermaid"
Miss Von Trapp - "Scabcurdle Jack"
Stefano Pastor - "Cycles"

Hello everybody! Here's what's on board for this week:

The Amigos are a super-eclectic band from Wales. They cover everything from eastern Europe to South America -- and everything in between. Their fiddle player Billy Thompson is a wildman of his own accord. On this tune, he builds on that reputation. The man is crazy!

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist of the neo-Victorian goth tradition. She performs in a variety of persona, and does the goth thing very well. this track is a cut from her new disc set for release later this year.

Miss von Trapp is a British cellist of the neo-Vampirian tradition. She is a cellist much like Johnny Ramone was a guitarist. Theatrical, sinister, brooding, vaguely threatening, her work is a real treat.

Stefano Pastor is an Italian jazz violinist whose newest work Cycles an interesting collaboration between poet and musician. What they DON'T do is put the poertry to music. In a fascinating way, the text and the music refer to one another, but must be taken in separately. A dense and challenging piece of work, but rewarding no matter how you cut it.

Thanks for listening everybody - Have a great week!

Mark Allender, producer-host

Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode 032 - feat. Manuel Schröder, Mimi Rabson, Charlie Griffin, Planet Ubiquity

Manuel Schröder - "Flaring Recognition"
Mimi Rabson - "Ska Circus"
Charlie Griffin - Set fire to have light
Planet Ubiquity - "Troubled Mind"

Hello! Here's what's on board for this week:

Manuel Schröder is a 17-year-old cellist out of west-central Germany. As a member of the group Acoustical Romance, he explores a textural, neo-Romantic. With his solo work, he is part of an ever-growing tradition of heavy-metal/alternative rock in the tradition of Apocalyptica and Rasputina. This guy has an incredible ear for feel and texture with an artistic sensibility that is only now beginning to take root. There are more great things in his future.

Mimi Rabson is a Boston-based violinist, aggressively eclectic and a master of every style she touches. This cut is from an independently-released disc called Six Solos for Violin.

Charles Griffin is an expatriate American composer living in Latvia. From Charlie's website: "Using Arabic rhythmic and scalar modes, this piece, inspired by the poetry of Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, is filled with rhythmic energy and tension. " This piece is performed by the string members of his own Latvia-based Griffin Ensenble.

Planet Ubiquity is a new group with roots in hiphop, soul, and funk. The connection with this show lies with violist Shayshahn "Phearnone" MacPherson - a veteran of episode 012. Full of groove and rich with soul, this is an exciting group with a lot to offer musically, lyrically, and - in their concert performances - visually.

Thanks for listening - Have a great week!

Mark Allender, producer-host
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Compilation Episode 1 - feat. Nick Ogawa, Morgantown Rounders, Luminescent Orchestrii, L. Subramaniam (feat. Jiebing Chen)

Nick Ogawa - "If it Feels Good"
Morgantown Rounders - "Policeman"
Luminescent Orchestrii - "The Stranger"
L. Subramaniam (feat. Jiebing Chen) - "Blue Lotus"


This show is being released as I am waiting at the airport to fly back to Cleveland from Seattle where I have been for the past few days at my sister's wedding. So in order to keep my promise of one show a week while not drowning in this whole "trip" thing, I have decided to compile a show featuring some of my favorite pieces from the last two years.

Nick Ogawa was featured on episode 012 ("The Corbin Keep episode" ) with this tune that I still haven't been able to get out of my head to this day.

The Morgantown Rounders were featured on episode 017 ("The Chris Boros episode") . These guys are a favorite of mine and my daughter's - we listen to their disc in the car all the time. This tune wasn't the featured tune on that show, but I sneaked part of this song in as the exit music.

The Luminiscent Orchestrii appeared on episode 001 ("The Lex Coffman episode") . I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened for these guys when they played in Cleveland back in 2004 -- long before this show was ever thought of. A great band to see live.

And finally, L. Subramaniam - the premier Indian violinist in the world - was featured on episode 009 ("The Acoustic Ross episode"). Entrancing, exquisite, exotic.

... and just for the record -- this past Sunday - 8 Jul - was my birthday. And I didn't receive a card or anything from ANY of you, you miserable wretches! We'll just see if I remember YOUR birthday or not!

More great music next week!

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode 031 - feat. Chris Murphy, Invert, James Sudakow, Kari Tieger

Invert - Truth Serum
Kari Tieger - Sonatine pour violon et piano
Chris Murphy - "Night of the Hunter"
James Sudakow - "Black"

Hello everybody,

This show comes to you from the Doodlebug Memorial in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The Doodlebug was a single-car commuter train that collided with a 73-car freight train in the summer of 1940. The incident had begun to fade into local memory until three local middle school students started doing a research project on the incident - a project that swelled into a major fundraising campaign to build the memorial. It was dedicated on the 65th anniversary of the crash at a service that I am proud to say I attended. Details about the event and pictures of the memorial are available here on the website --

Invert makes a second appearance on this show - the string quartet with two cellists. In between their last appearance and this one, the group has released a CD called The Strange Parade. This is the final cut from that disc, a tune called Truth Serum.

Kari Tieger, a pianist and composer out of Riverside, Rhode Island, is on for her second appearance as well. This is a recently composed duet with violinist Lauren Benowitz.

Chris Murphy is an electric violinist fron Los Angeles, currently supporting his recent release Luminous. I confess I hadn't heard of Chris before he sent me his CD, but his disc features two musicians I have had a great deal of respect for for some time: Mike Watt (formerly of fIREHOSE and The Minutemen) and Nels Cline (of Wilco and, incidentally, Mike Watt's touring band). This tune features Nels on guitar - and he and Chris sound amazing together.

James Sudakow is an up-an-coming artist out of Long Beach, California. His latest release, Green is an ambitious progressive rock exploration of soud and texture. A very engaging and enjoyable listen.

Next week finds me in Seattle. I'll do my best to have a show out by next Monday. But we'll see.
Thanks for listening!

Mark Allender, producer-host
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