Monday, August 27, 2007

Episode 038 - feat. Paul Giger & Marie-Louise Dähler, The Section Quartet, Spring Creek Bluegrass Band, Elucian

Paul Giger & Marie-Louise Dähler - "From Silence to Silence"
The Section Quartet - "Juicebox"
Spring Creek Bluegrass Band - "Bowling Green"
Elucian - "Hidden Place"

Hello everyone,

Hot show this week!

I have been a fan of Paul Giger's work for many years and consider him one of the finest players alive today. His latest project is a collborative piece with harpsochorist Marie-Louise Daehler. This recording is not yet available in North America
. The guy's amazing! Those unfamiliar with Giger's work can check out his write-up in the All Music Guide - I have a lot of respect for this particular critic.

The Section Quartet, self-billed as the world's loudest atring quartet, recently stormed the SXSW festival this past March with a killer set that was much-talked about in the press. These guys have provided string section accompaniment for many pop artists today (I first saw them play with Sam Phillips back in 2005). Their new full-length disc Fuzzbox has just been released.

The Spring Creek Bluegrass Band combines traditional bluegrass music with a solid dose of 21st century optimism - what they call "Rural and Cosmic." Each member of this group doubles as a vocalist, making for an incredible powerhouse of a group. Plus, they made their actual physical CD look like a 45-RPM (looks really cool).

And British expatriate vioinist Ian Peaston rounds off the show in his stage persona elucian. Ian makes original and highly stylized interpetations of popular tunes plus his own original pieces. This piece is an interpretation of Bjork's "Hidden Place," performed live at a music festival in Banff.

Thanks for listening!

Mark Allender, producer-host

Monday, August 20, 2007

Episode 037 - feat. Freyda and Acoustic AttaTude, Hugh Marsh, Bella Rumore, Rachel Barton Pine

Freyda and Acoustic AttaTude - "AttaTude in A Minor"
Hugh Marsh - "Violinvocation #1"
Bella Rumore - "25 or 6 to 4"
Rachel Barton Pine - Scottish Fantasy, mvt 4, "Finale"

Hi everyone! This show finds me travelling again to Seattle in a farirly constant state of trying to find wireless access. It's getting quite annoying actually.

But that said, here's who's on board for this week:

Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude was a 1993 collaboration between members of the folk/jazz group Trapezoid and guitarist Bob Vasile. Violinist Freyda Epstein was the star of this show. Tragically, Epstein was killed in a killed in a car accident in 2003 by a man fleeing the scene of another crime. This episode is dedicated to her memory and for all she has done for the folk and strings communities.

Hugh Marsh is an artist that I have been trying to get on the show since it first began. He is largely known for his work on Bruce Cockburn's recordings from the 1980's. He is every inch a consummate electric player - exploring many of the possibilities of the amplifod violin. His solo recordings more often feature his prowess as an arranger and bandleader than as a violinist and his overall best playing is found on other people's records - and his playing is unmistakable. This tune is found on his own recording, 2006's Hugmars.

Bella Rumore is a regular act on the Las Vegas circuit - an all-female string group that performs arrangements of classic rock tunes and greatest hits from the classical and baroque periods. They will be releasing a full-length album of material late this year. This tune is the classic Chicago standard "25 or 6 to 4."

Rounding up this show is Rachel Barton Pine. Her recent release Scottish Fantasies explores traditional Scottish fiddle tunes that find their way into composed classical pieces. Probably the most famous of these pieces is Max Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, the fourth movement of which is presented here. For this recording, Rachel worked with a traditional fiddler to bring out the the original tune out of these pieces - making this a unique recording.
More music coming next week!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Episode 036 - feat. Skye Steele Quintet, Band'o, Tarana, Vanessa Van Spall (w. Eric Golub)

Skye Steele Quintet - "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair"
Band'o - "Siskot"
Tarana - "Labakashar"
Vanessa Van Spall (w. Eric Golub) - "Rapture"

Hey! I am happy to report a couple reviews of the show. Bowed Radio got a review in the spring issue of Teen Strings magazine: the first time in glossy print.

The other comes from a new online resource fos string players called Doublestop Magazine. They've just gotten started and it aims to be a great resource.

So thanks for the shout out!

So here's what's up for this show:

I had the pleasure of catching a really great group recently at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival called Nation Beat. I ran up and introduced myself to their violinist, a guy named Skye Steele. Some Nation Beat work will be coming on the show here in the coming months, but I am proud to present some cuts from the latest release of The Skye Steele Quintet, a jazzy world-fusion group that he leads out of NYC.

Band'o is a folk fiddle group from Finland led by sisters Jemina and Selina Sillanpää. Their work spans from guitar-based vocal tunes to fiddle-based instrumentals. For the purposes of this show obviously I am focusing on their fiddle work, but their work is a delightful mix of sounds that goes far beyonf their fiddle work.

Tarana is the front name for British violinist and improvisor Rob Tarana. His performances utilize looped improvised violin lines with improvised nonsense syllables over the top -- sometimes solo, sometimes with a full band, and sometimes with more gadgets than person. Fiercely prolific artist -- he recently recorded his 77th album live on stage on 07-07-07, which happens to be his birthday. And no, he didn't turn 77 that day. His work is gentle yet nightmarish.

And closing out the show is San Francisco singer songwriter Vanessa van Spall. Her ensemble sound utilizes the work of violist Eric Golub, whose work appeared on Episode 002 of this program. Eric's solo work explores a lot of Asian stylings based on his work in Indonesia and other parts of the world. With Vanessa, he uses his viola in the role usually assigned to a lead guitarist. Great stuff.

Thanks for listening!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Episode 035 - feat. Hollis Taylor & Jon Rose, The Bridies, Tim Kliphuis, Sharon Crumrine (w/. Betty Widerski)

Hollis Taylor and Jon Rose - "Abide With Me/Durang's Hornipipe"
The Bridies - "Mám Éan Polkas"
Tim Kliphuis - "Tony's Tune"
Sharon Crumrine (w. Betty Widerski) - "Pericopine"

Hello everybody! Here's what's on board for this week:

Hollis Taylor has created a fascinating body of work called Infidel comprised of traditional hoedowns and Texas fiddle tunes. She and collaborator Jon Rose take these traditional pieces and put them in VERY non-traditional environments. A fascinating study!

The Bridies are also in the business of making a new take on traditional music. With traditional Irish fiddle stylings, The Bridies explore blues, bebop, swing, and a host of other styles. Flamboyant and energetic, these ladies are a lot of fun

Tim Kliphaus is a Dutch violinist who explores all manner of jazz. His latest disc Swingin' the Classics finds him and his band taking many famous classical movements and adapting them into swing. The piece featured here is the 2nd movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto

Violinist Betty Widerski is a guest artist on this tune by pianist Sharon Crumrine. She is a freelance session player in the Boston area and has played with numerous bands and artists there. She is an accomplished classical violinist who also explores improv, rock, jazz. She's all over.

Thanks for listening - take care everybody!

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