Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 076 - feat. George Hrab, Jani Lang, Vaughan Jones & Reiad Chibah, House of Cosy Cushions

George Hrab - "How Do You Do"
Jani Lang - "Strathspey Din Bucuresti"
Vaughan Jones and Reiad Chibah - Duo Concertant in C minor Op 4, Mvt 2
House of Cosy Cushions - "Good Old Love"

Hosted by François Génolini

Here are the featured artists in this episode:

Artist: George Hrab
Song: "How Do You do?"
Album: "Coelacanth", 2004
Violin: Orlando Wells, Philip Payton, Viola: Jeffrey Ellenberger, Cello: David Gotay

You can learn more about this song and listen to a guitar arrangement on

Artist: Jani Lang
Set: "Strathspey Din Bucuresti"
Album: "Devil in a Box", 2008

Jani Lang wrote: "I named this set Strathspey din Bucuresti, because we arranged the accompaniment of the first Scottish tune in a very typical Romanian style called hora."

Artist: Vaughan Jones and Reiad Chibah,
Piece from: "Duo Concertant in C minor Op 4 Mvt 2" by Allessandro Rolla "Adagio Ma Non Troppo"
Album: "Spohr, Rolla, Kalliwoda - Works For Violin And Viola", 2008

Vaughan Jones wrote: "Alessandro Rolla was born in Pavia on April 6th, 1757 – he soon revealed himself as an accomplished violinist and viola player and had a successful orchestral career as the principle Violist and then leader of the orchestra in Parma. In 1803, he was appointed conductor of the La Scala orchestra in Milan where he premiered works by Rossini and many other composers. Rolla wrote well over 70 works for the ‘Violin / Viola Duo’ combination – believing that both instruments should be treated as equals and that if the musical ideas in a composition were strong enough, a work could be reduced to just two instruments without any loss of impact. The piece on this disc (his Duo in C minor) – is quite an early work and allows both instruments bursts of intricate passagework.

"We recorded this disc last year having discovered each piece whilst preparing for recitals – as far as we can ascertain, this is the first time this piece by Rolla has been recorded and we’re currently exploring and performing more of his duos. In 2009, we plan to record another disc for string quartet which will feature two quartets by violinist / composer Louis Spohr, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his death."

Artist: House of Cosy Cushions
Song: "Good Old Love"
Violin: Cora Venus Lunny ( Written by: Richard Bolhuis
Their new album "animal dream" should be available on iTunes soon.

François Génolini
Aberdeen, Scotland, for Bowed Radio

Monday, March 16, 2009

Episode 075 - feat. Alex Mitchell, Off the Deep End, Mads Tolling, Anthony Green

Alex Mitchell - "VioTechno"
Off the Deep End - "Burn Like Tears"
Mads Tolling - "Danish Dessert"
Anthony Green - Chance

Hosted by Dean Capper

Hello, This is my first time hosting Bowed Radio and I am very happy to release this episode to everyone. It has four tunes from great artists whose music I hope others will like as much as I do.

Alex Mitchell is a champion of the loop and delay pedals which this track, "VioTechno," displays quite well. He performs all his compositions solo, using these effects pedals to accompany himself. This is his second time on Bowed Radio, the first time being episode 54 with his piece "Living History." "VioTechno" comes from his 2008 EP, Intercosm.

The California-based band Off the Deep End is a four-piece group with a drummer, guitarist/vocalist, bassist and extraordinary cellist Tina Guo. Guo is only 23 years old but has already amassed an impressive international concert schedule of classical music and a drool-worthy resume of non-classical projects, not the least of which (in my opinion) is starting Off the Deep End. She plays Yamaha Silent Electric Cellos and is endorsed by Carvin (for her amp) and Coffin Case (do Yamaha Silent Electrics really fit in those?).

Mads Tolling is an accomplished violinist and violist. He has played for bassist Stanley Clarke's touring band and the Turtle Island String Quartet since 2003. In 2007, he started his own group, the Mads Tolling Trio, and released their album Speed of Light in 2008. This track, "Danish Dessert," comes from a live performance where the trio is joined by a drummer, making them the Mads Tolling Quartet.

Words from composer Anthony Green about "Chance:"
"Chance" was originally the last movement of a four-movement string quartet, however this movement was composed first. The revisions done in 2007 were executed to make this movement stand alone from the others. It was premiered in Jordan Hall by the Laurel String Quartet, a quartet of students at New England Conservatory, and was recently featured in the "Listen Local" series of the Providence String Quartet. This recording is from its premiere in Jordan Hall by the Laurel String Quartet: Annie Rabbat and Ying Xue (violins), Sarah Darling (viola), and Song-Ie Do (cello).

A little about me: I'm a classically-trained cellist who got tired of playing classical music. Consequently, I've moved to Boston where I attend the Berklee College of Music. I've been learning a lot of cool things that I want to share with other string players, so in addition to doing this podcast, I also maintain a blog about issues that string players who've "gone electric" face. If you're interested, the address is .


Dean Capper, producer-host